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"Born for battle, the Brute is an unstoppable force. Wielding Weapons with such force the ground would separate."

Overview[edit | edit source]

Brute is one of three Classes the player may choose from when creating a new character. The brute is the tank of Fantasy Tales Online. Starting at a very low level the Brute class may equip a second piece of body armor in the firts accessory slot for a portion of the armor's value allowing the Brute to have a much higher armor rating then other classes of the same level.

The Brute excels at keeping the enemies attention while soaking up most of the damage that comes at it. The Brute class starts with the skill Double Strike.

Skills[edit | edit source]

The Brute class learns many stills that revolve around big hits and drawing agro as well as a few self buffs and Dots. Leveling up these skills will increase damage, duration and efficiency and decrease cool down times.

Level Name Cooldown Effect at skill level 1
Level 1 Double Strike 5 Seconds Deal 1 hit of 100% weapon damage and another hit of 50% in immediate secession.
Level 3 Extreme training N/A Passive Allows the Brute to wear a second piece of body slot armor for 60% of its armor value, also slowing movement speed by 10%. The second armor is worn in the accessory slot.
Level 5 Concussion Strike 60 Seconds Stun your enemy for 10 seconds.
Level 12 Primal Rage N/A Passive Increases HP by 4%, Threat by 2%, and Crit chance by 2%
Level 14 Throw Weapon 30 Seconds Throw your melee weapon at your target, casing 110% DPS and applying a DoT for 100% DPS over 5 seconds. You will be unable to attack until you retrieve your weapon.
Level 18 Shield Bash 10 Seconds Attack the target with your shield for 20% of the shield's armor value as damage. Causes your treat to increase and lowers the target's armor by 1%, can stack up to three times on a single target.
Level 20 Pillage N/A Passive When you or a party member kills an enemy on the same map your parties armor increases by 10% for 20 seconds.
Level 22 Cleave 60 Seconds Attack all the enemies in front of you for 50% of your DPS, after that you gain a shield that absorbs the total damage dealt with this attack.
Level 26 Bloodlust 15 Minutes Increases your critical hit chance by 5% every 60 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. Resets after you deal a critical hit.
Level 50 Charge 10 Seconds Charge forward up to 15 tiles and deala hit of 100% DPS and a 40% DPS DoT.